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CyberPatrol Online Protection with Bully Alerts!

CyberPatrol with Bully Alerts
CyberPatrol with Bully Alerts
Item # 638 Advertised by on Friday, January 6, 2012
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Northern Virginia, Virginia, United States
CyberPatrol Online Protection combines all the features of CyberPatrol Parental Controls with and online monitoring service complete with bully alerts to let you know when your kid is being cyberbullied. The basic software package uses a standard blacklisting feature while Online Protection adds an allow only list, enforces Safe Search on search engines to keep out nude images, and constantly monitors your kids activities. The monitoring feature scans for keywords that may indicate that your child is being solicited by a pedophile or is being attacked by a cyberbully. If a predator of bully is detected then you will get an instant alert so that you can stop the creep before they meet and come back to this website to write a Cyberbullying Report about the incident.

CyberPatrol Online Protection Includes:
- Bully Alerts
- Predator Alerts
- Web Monitoring
- Safe Search Enforcement
- Custom Alerts
- Time Monitoring
- Blacklisting
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