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CyberPatrol Parental Controls and Video Review

CyberPatrol Parental Controls
CyberPatrol Parental Controls
Item # 639 Advertised by on Saturday, January 7, 2012
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Northern Virginia, Virginia, United States
CyberPatrol Parental Controls is an affordable solution for parents looking to block their kids from dangerous content and people on the internet. Their base software package blocks websites, instant messages, and downloads while providing time management tools to make sure your kids don't stay on the internet all day. Its a pretty standard parental control program for blacklisting places you don't want your kids to visit.

Learn more about CyberPatrol Parental Controls in the video review below to learn how CyberPatrol plans on keeping guys like the creepy dude eating the pizza in their ad from chatting it up with your loved ones
CyberPatrol Parental Controls Review


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