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Damaged Goods: Women with Incurable STDs

Item # 216 Advertised by on Tuesday, September 6, 2011
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Damaged Goods? Women Living With Incurable Sexually Transmitted Diseases by Adina Nack spends an entire 250 page and most likely picture-less book I don't even have the time or interest of reading in order to find the answer to a question that only requires a dictionary. Are women with incurable STDs damaged goods? Well lets see Mirriam-Webster defines "damaged goods" as "a person considered to be flawed or spoiled in character, efficiency, or worth", so the answer simply is yes. Spoiled in character? That depends on the person regardless of medical condition, efficient? That depends on the woman and although insecurities may lower a woman's efficiency post diagnosis a woman with incurable STDs can be just as efficient if not more so than a healthy one, worth? Damaged to some men, undesirable yet acceptable to others, and something in common for more as well as being hated by insurance companies and a gold mine for doctors.

Am I being sexist? Hell no, men with incurable STDs are also damaged goods to healthy and guarded women along with the same enemies and allies in the health care industry.


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