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Hard Candy (2006) DVD Starring Ellen Page with Trailer

Hard Candy DVD
Hard Candy DVD
Item # 654 Advertised by on Sunday, January 8, 2012
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Ellen Page got rave reviews for her role in Hard Candy as Hayley Stark, a bright 14 year old girl who meets a creepy 32 year old man named Jeff Kohlver (Patrick Wilson). Jeff chats with her online for three weeks before arranging to go on a date with her at a coffee shop where he flirts with her and invites her back to his house to be photographed. Little does he know that Hayley is on her own secret mission to teach him a lesson that strangers should not talk to little girls. Once at his place she mixes him a drink laced with something that makes him pass out and when he wakes up she is in charge and starts torturing him for being a pedophile.

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Hard Candy Trailer


By on 1/8/2012:
I have not seen this movie and don’t know if I want to because I don’t think I have ever been more creeped out by a preview in my life. I mean notice how he looks at her, how she reacts to him, and that thing he does with the frosting, creepy.

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