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Wild West 2.0 - How to Protect and Restore Your Reputation

Wild West 2.0
Wild West 2.0
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Wild West 2.0 by Reputation Defender founder Michael Fertik is a how to guide for protecting your reputation on the internet. It covers online reputation management strategies for both people and businesses focusing on a wide range of reputation hazards including search engines, social media, complaint sites, and other places where your name can be dragged through the mud in a matter of seconds. It also talks about ways to clean up the mess or at least contain the flow of the disaster.

The author Michael Fertik is the outspoken founder of Reputation Defender. Reputation Defender is an online service that scans search engines and people search databases for your information. If it finds something it alerts you automatically and sometimes will attempt to remove it for you.
Author Michael Fertik on Fox News


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