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New WebWatcher Affiliate Program Denies Old Members

WebWatcher Computer Monitoring Software
WebWatcher Computer Monitoring Software
Rant #646 Written by: on Saturday, January 7, 2012
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Los Angeles, California, United States
When the WebWatcher Affiliate Program moved from Commission Junction to LinkShare I didn't think much of it since I already had a LinkShare account, but when I applied for the WebWatcher Affiliate Program my application was rejected. Normally I don't mind getting rejected from an affiliate program, but since I did take the time to write an original description of their product I am not happy with this.


WebWatcher Computer Monitoring Software with Video Review

Invade privacy on your network like never before with WebWatcher computer monitoring software solutions for employers, parents, and curious others. WebWatcher works by taking control of desktops, laptops, and mobile phones before spying on all connected devices to keep you up to date on the latest illegal downloading, porn viewing, emailing, texting, and all other undesirable activities that your kids, employees, friends, and spouse are up to. WebWatcher has two main families of products targeting businesses and consumers.

The business family of products include employee monitoring, web filtering, laptop recovery, and data loss prevention software. These programs are designed primarily for managers who want to make sure that their employees stay on task and use the internet efficiently.

The consumer family of products include the original WebWatcher pc monitoring software, Laptop Cop, and WebWatcher mobile. These products are designed primarily for parents who want to monitor their kids every move online and block access to dangerous site, but is also marketed as a cyberbullying prevention software suite capable of helping parents catch bullies in the act.
WebWatcher Video Review

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By on 1/7/2012:
1 star because I don't like wasting marketing copy on stuff I can't at least try to make money on.

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