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Where Was Animal Control When This Bull Got Loose?

Bull Loose in Auburn, Washington
Bull Loose in Auburn, Washington
Rant #464 Written by: on Friday, October 21, 2011
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Seattle, Washington, United States
When this bull got loose in King County animal control was nowhere to be found and police had to call in local cowboys to lasso the thing under control. Throughout this video you will see that despite having an animal control service called Regional Animal Services that the police would have been stuck dealing with this thing all on their own if they didn't already know cowboys in the area.

If it were not for the cowboys what would the police have done? Taser the bull like some 500 plus pound drunken disorderly? I doubt it, they probably would have shot it dead. This looks like a job for animal control officers with tranquilizer guns, not police, and certainly no civilian cowboys.
Bull Loose in Auburn, Washington

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